Behind the Scenes at ABR: Onboarding Done Right

What’s new with ABR? Take a peek at what’s going on in our world as we work to deliver relevant, world-class solutions for our clients.

call-centerElise Margol, Instructional Design Manager for ABR, has been focused recently on onboarding programs for one of our largest clients. One such program involves onboarding new call center agents who handle repair issues for residential customers. To be successful, these agents must be able to deliver a consistent customer experience to each and every customer through their application of the company’s customer service model meshed with their product and system knowledge.

ABR created an all-encompassing 12-week experience, allowing new hires to spend time participating in classroom instruction and completing structured on-the-job tasks. The formal classroom component takes advantage of a variety of different mediums such as group discussion, individual and group activities, scenarios, and role plays. It offers a hands-on approach so new hires develop a clear understanding of how to help participants resolve customer issues.

The structured on-the-job component takes advantage of the client’s mock call center environment. New hires are given a guide that tasks them with observing and practicing specific skills in the live environment. This guide provides structure to these days spent in the live environment. When participants return from the live environment, the facilitator debriefs their experience to ensure that everyone is exposed to as many customer situations as possible. The facilitator draws out best practices and ask the participants to practice handling the issues that were the most challenging.

What has been your most successful onboarding experience?

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