Don’t Lose Sight of Those Resolutions

I heard on the news recently that by early February, many people have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions. Think about that. It only takes five or six weeks for people to toss aside something that they were committed to and excited about and to revert back to the way they used to do things.

Many companies make their own New Year’s resolutions by setting goals for the year, identifying priorities, or defining strategic initiatives. If the above statement applies to organizations as well as to individuals, they will have gone back to the “old way” by the end of the first quarter.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some things your organization can do to maintain the momentum of the new year even after the initial excitement tapers off (and if you’ve let your commitment to your personal resolutions slip, maybe you can use some of these suggestions as well).

Create and communicate a plan

The first step to ensuring that your company’s goals and resolutions are not tossed aside is to create and communicate the plan for achieving them. This will ensure that everyone in the organization is aligned and aware of how things will move forward. This may happen during an annual meeting event (if you have one) or it could be a follow-up task after the meeting.

Break it down

Annual goals or company priorities can seem like monumental tasks to achieve. And it can be difficult to take action on tasks that feel too large to complete. Breaking down the large items into more manageable tasks will make it easier for people to see how the big things will be accomplished.

Divide and conquer

Creating small teams of people who are each working to move a different aspect of your initiative forward is a great way to achieve things more quickly. It is also an opportunity for people to share perspectives and collaborate, as well as create accountability. If each team knows that others are counting on them to do their part, chances are you’ll see less procrastinating and more progress.

Schedule progress checks

It’s a lot easier to keep something top-of-mind if everyone knows they will have to show progress at regular intervals. Whether it’s adding it to the agenda for a regular meeting that’s already happening or scheduling something for the specific purpose of discussing progress, it’s important to keep tabs on the activity that’s been happening to move the needle on your goals, priorities, and initiatives.

February is almost over. It’s not too late to renew your commitment to your New Year’s resolutions!

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