Free Webinar: Creating Innovative Leadership Development Programs

Is your organization’s leadership development program as effective as it could be? Is it focused on building collective capacity to accomplish critical tasks such as setting direction, creating alignment, and gaining commitment? Does it truly deliver, both in growing your leaders and in delivering a tangible return on investment for your organization?

If so, great! But if you want to hear more about how to create a truly outstanding leadership development program, join our free webinar on Wednesday, October 2 at 1:00 pm EDT. At this webinar, you will:

  • Learn the latest leadership trends that will help increase the success of a leadership development program
  • Hear from ABR’s partner, Cincinnati Bell Telephone, who put our leadership methodology to the test, creating an innovative program for new managers, who traveled together as a learning community attending short, face-to-face sessions to review and synthesize critical leadership concepts
  • Learn how ABR did it and how to reap the same benefits for your organization

Register for the webinar now!

About the Webinar Speakers

Elise Greene Margol, Instructional Design Manager for ABR, has a wealth of experience in the learning arena that crosses over different industries and inside and outside learning departments. In the last 19 years, Elise has served in various project management and learning roles; her specific areas of expertise include blended learning strategies, instructional design, problem solving and creative thinking, internal and external consulting, leadership development, and employee and client relations. In addition, Elise has written a green paper about leadership training that you can download here.

Mark Wilson is the Senior Manager of HR Development at Cincinnati Bell Inc. Through a company-wide assessment, Mark Wilson learned that new hire training had opportunities for improvement, so he led the overall design implementation of a comprehensive new hire program that included on-the-job practical exercises, e-learning, video animations, planning tools, and social learning. As a result, for outside sales the company saw a 26 percent increase in acquisition year over year from new hires. Mark was recently named one of Training Magazine’s Emerging Training Leaders.

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