Giving Thanks (Classic Blog Edition)

We originally published this blog on November 20, 2012, but the reminders and best practices are still appropriate, especially this week. From everyone at ABR, we wish you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Thank YouThe Thanksgiving holiday is a time when people slow down and take time to think about the blessings in their lives. For some, it might be the only time of year they take the opportunity to do so. The hustle and bustle of everyday life leaves little time to dwell on the small things for which they should feel grateful.

But here at ABR, gratitude is a regular part of our culture. Whether it be “kudos” on our weekly status reports, quarterly recognition of employees who “carry out the vision” of the company, or special “thank yous” to vendors or clients, we are conscientious in showing our appreciation.

That’s not to say that we go overboard with giving thanks… I don’t always have kudos to share on my weekly status reports! But simply having that line item in the report makes me take pause and think about things that went really well this past week, or things that could have gone pretty badly had it not been for the work, thoughts, or leadership of another team member. Being on both the giving and receiving end of status report kudos, I can tell you that the little gesture is quite appreciated! In taking the time to recognize the efforts of others, we foster a better work environment and help strengthen our team relationships.

If it is not already part of your regular routine, use this season of thanks to begin a weekly tradition of examining your successes and noting the impact that others played in those successes. Be sure to make that person (or persons) aware of your appreciation.

Finally, to our regular blog readers, thank you for taking the time to read our entries and sharing with others!

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