Microlearning Is Here and We’re Ready. Are You?

Our world is very different than it was just a generation ago. The Information Age has brought about significant changes to our personal and professional lives in how we interact with and share information.

One of the many effects of this shift is that our attention spans are shrinking, which is pushing companies to up their game in order to truly engage and train employees. Old-school “death by PowerPoint” training just won’t cut it anymore, especially for millennial employees who are expected to make up a whopping 46 percent of the global workforce by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Today’s workforce will not tolerate traditional training programs; they want learning experiences on the go, at all times, and on their terms.

The result has been a fast-paced evolution toward microlearning and away from costly, time-consuming classroom training and long e-learning courses. ABR has partnered with several clients to respond to this new reality, supporting the creation of quick-hit training and microlearning components.

Now we’re excited to share that we are launching our own comprehensive microlearning library of training solutions for managers and leaders! We have targeted managers and leaders because they can make an enormous impact on an organization, yet are often unprepared to effectively do their jobs. In a recent study by the Brandon Hall Group, more than half of organizations said their leaders are not at all ready, or only somewhat ready, to lead organizations today, and 71% reported they are not ready to lead their organizations into the future.

ABR Microlearning LibraryABR’s microlearning library includes “micro-content” and “micro-training” that addresses real world situations with a variety of leadership topics, from how to deal with employee gossip and emotional employees, to how to motivate employees during difficult times, to how to fire those who don’t live up to expectations.

While the ABR elves are putting the finishing touches on our microlearning library for leaders, you can find out more about it here. Our official launch is coming soon and we can’t wait!

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