Spring into Reflection

MarchI love March! For one thing, it’s my birth month. It’s also the official start of spring! And let’s not forget March Madness, which is serious business here in North Carolina. I consider March to be a time of renewal and reflection—a time when I can apply some great revelations to my personal and business life.

Here are a few thoughts from this year’s time of reflection:

  1. As I get older, my birthday seems to take on a different meaning. Of course I celebrate another year, but more and more it becomes an opportunity for reflection: taking stock of accomplishments, learning from my mistakes, and identifying goals for my next year. It reminds me of the importance of balancing my faith, family, and work in order to keep everything in perspective.
  2. Spring is here! This brings warmer temperatures, “Carolina” blue skies, blooming tulips and dogwoods, and a bird nest outside my office window. This year we have been spoiled with higher than average temperatures—until the first official day of spring, of course, which was cloudy, rainy, and cold with a high in the low 40s. This reminds me not to get caught in the trials and victories of each day and instead to stay focused on executing long-term vision and strategy.
  3. March Madness has consumed my home and social network. The experts, the records, and the player highlights often point to specific predictable outcomes. But just look at the ACC setting records and the teams heading into the Sweet Sixteen—several lower seeds have upset higher ranking teams. This reminds me that you can’t always count on the predictions of “experts.” Sometimes you have to trust your gut in the face of seemingly predictable situations.

My favorite time for reflection is March. Do you have a certain time of the year when you take time to reflect on your personal and professional life?

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