Stay in the Know: Does Technology Actually Make Business Today More Complex?

Today the ABR blog is helping you “stay in the know” by sharing an article that we found interesting. We think you will too.

The title of this article, “We’re at peak complexity – and it sucks,” naturally piqued my curiosity. It’s the idea that instead of embracing technology at its core and building completely new systems around it, we’re mostly “embellishing our old-world thinking and processes” with it. This has created a hybrid of old and new world systems.

The whole concept of where we sit in today’s business environment is so well summed up by the term “peak complexity.” ABR is asked about this quite a bit by clients – to help them do something differently, try a new technology, or leverage existing technology in new and innovative ways.

I love the author’s key question that we should be asking ourselves: “If you had to build your company today, knowing how people use technology, what devices make possible, how people (not just millennials) behave and expect from life today and tomorrow, would it resemble anything like what it looks like today?”

This is a question I am going to pose to our leadership team at ABR this week to see what responses we get. I encourage you to read this article and ask your teams this question as well. What can/will your organization do to put new technology and behaviors at the core of your business, similar to companies like Airbnb, Uber, Tesla, and others that have put technology front and center?

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