Stay in the Know: It’s Tempting, But Don’t Skip Coaching

Today the ABR blog is helping you “stay in the know” by sharing something we came across that we found interesting. We think you will too.

It’s no wonder that most sales managers struggle with coaching their sales reps. ASTD reports that only 11 percent of companies train their sales managers to a high extent, while 22 percent don’t train their sales managers at all. In contrast, the same study found that about 66 percent of those companies train their sales people on selling skills at least once a year. The same ASTD found a “significant positive correlation” between the extent to which those managers were trained and the percentage of their reps who meet their sales quota.

ABR has recently been heads down helping our clients’ sales managers become better coaches. Coaching is one of THE most important tools to building successful teams, but more times than not our clients report back to us that it just doesn’t happen. Sales managers need support not only learning how to effectively coach, but how to build coaching routines to ensure that it happens. In fact, Daniel Goleman, author of the bestseller Emotional Intelligence, wrote an article titled “Don’t Write Off the Coaching Leadership Style.” In it, he discusses the benefits of adapting a coaching leadership style. It’s a great, short read that reminds us how beneficial coaching conversations can be:

Does your organization embrace coaching?


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