We Are Different and Proud of It!

I just participated in a formal RFP process for Accelerated Business Results (ABR), during which we worked hard to show how we are different from other potential suitors. This was an experience that sharply contrasts the behavior that I see my daughter’s seventh grade peers exhibit, in which everyone works hard not to be different. This contradiction in my life gave me an opportunity to reflect. I wonder how many other companies spend their time trying to emulate what their competitors are doing—in essence focusing on how not to be different—rather than on innovation. At ABR, we are different and proud of it.

What sets us apart? We use a 360 degree analysis and design methodology with our training programs. This holistic approach ensures that we create the most viable solutions for our clients in four ways:

Sales Perspective

ABR staffs every sales training initiative with sales subject matter experts (SMEs) who infuse their expertise into each phase of the project. They participate in many data gathering tasks such as ride-alongs with the field organization, interviewing sales managers, and researching the inter-workings of the client’s business. As full-fledged members of our team, our sales SMEs contribute valuable insight and perspective to the process.

Facilitator Input

Typically facilitators are not involved in the analysis and design process. In fact, they are usually not invited to the table until it is time to discuss Train-the-Trainer plans. At ABR, we bring our facilitator(s) into the process from the onset. We recognize the expertise they bring to the table and rely on them to ensure we design solutions that can be successfully delivered and implemented.

Business Realities

We pride ourselves on designing practical solutions that align with the realities of our clients’ businesses. For example, sometimes it is not feasible for sales reps to be out of the field and in a classroom for more than a certain number of days. If this is the case, we do whatever it takes to derive an innovative solution that abides by this business need. Whatever the constraints, whether it’s budget, timeline, or resources, ABR collaborates with our clients to ensure that the solution matches the reality of the business.

Communication Tools

We all know the criticality of effective communication, but ABR puts protocols in place to ensure buy-in and alignment at each phase of the project. Whether it’s weekly status calls, stakeholder updates, or review meetings, we place milestones in our timeline to ensure that these activities occur. We usually find that other companies talk about communication tools, but at the end of the day, that’s all they do: talk. ABR is stringent about communication because it synchronizes all parties involved, which ensures success.

While not all of my daughter’s friends understand the importance of differentiation, ABR gets it. Being different comes naturally to us. We march to our beat—the beat of what our clients need, which is bold, unique, clear, and can never be mistaken for another company. What makes your company stand out from the pack?

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