What to Give the Client Who Has Everything

holiday-gift-blueLove it or hate it, the holiday season is upon us. It’s time to think about how to thank your friends, family, and of course clients for another wonderful year together.

Shopping for friends and family is hard enough, but how do you thank those special clients who stick with you every year? Even more difficult: how do you “thank” that challenging customer who made you research retirement options?

Before placing an order for those annual fruit baskets, consider a few new ways to acknowledge those who helped make the year a success.

Give on behalf of your client
Charitable donations made in your client’s name can make everyone feel good! Research local community issues in the area where they are headquartered. Have you been traveling to a particular location this year? Take time to find out what is going on in those areas and get involved. Your client will not only appreciate the good feeling, but will be impressed that you took time to find out what was happening in communities that matter to them.

You know that your clients are looking to achieve results, so be sure to donate in their name to organizations that are truly making a difference. GiveWell, a non-profit dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities, publishes a list every year of organizations that need donations and are getting good work done. A donation to Deworm the World may not sound sexy, but the money donated in your client’s name will have a huge impact.

And for those challenging clients you want to acknowledge, consider donating to an economic empowerment organization. Non-profits such as Heifer and World Vision donate livestock to villages in need. You can name a cow after the project you tackled together, while helping a community with a valuable resource. The cow won’t appreciate being named “Successful Behavioral Interviewing,” but she will get over it.

Offer a special service or discount
The holiday season can be chaotic, and the push toward year-end happens at the same time. Clients often put plans for next year aside with a promise of focus after the first of the year. Consider offering a special service or discount for clients who take time now to make plans for next year. Meet with them to consult on projects or offer guidance and advice on how best to get started on the right foot as the new year approaches. Offer your own “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” style promotion to keep in the holiday spirit!

Spotlight a client on social media
Social media can go a long way toward sharing messages and promoting services. How often do you highlight your best clients on social media? Have you ever posted a review of one of your best clients on their own site? Consider planning a social media blitz over the holiday season that highlights the great work your own clients are doing. It will push traffic to their sites and help share the message of the great work they are doing. Be sure to keep the messages authentic and be prepared to share results if asked.

The holidays can be challenging. Don’t let showing appreciation for the people who contributed to your success get stale. Finding new ways to show how much your clients mean to you can take time, but in the end will make everyone feel just a little more festive.

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