ABR and Minerva Partnering to Offer My Healthy Tale App

MyHealthyTaleLogoNew Mobile App Educates Chronically Ill Children and Their Families

Cincinnati, Ohio (June 20, 2014) – Accelerated Business Results (ABR), a full-service, award-winning training company, has teamed up with Minerva Health Learning Systems to educate children with chronic illnesses and their families via a mobile educational app called “My Healthy Tale.” My Healthy Tale helps children learn about their illness in a fun and engaging way.

“At a high level, it’s an interactive tool that engages and empowers children to better manage their illness,” said Amy Fox, ABR’s President and CEO. “The core focus is giving them the information and tools that will increase their confidence and bring peace of mind to families. And along the way, we want them to have fun.”

My Healthy Tale, a free app available for iPad download, is currently offered for type 1 diabetes patients and teaches children how to manage the condition through storytelling and interactive games. Children choose an avatar and work their way through scenario-based stories and games, getting guidance on making good decisions about their health based on the situations presented.

“My Healthy Tale gives children an opportunity, independent of their parents, to go on the application, enjoy it, and have fun. But by doing so, they’re also learning valuable skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives,” said Anthony Breen, CEO and founder of Minerva and My Healthy Tale’s creator.

The idea for My Healthy Tale came about when Breen discovered that families with children who have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes are often provided with lengthy, complicated, and jargon-heavy information about the illness. Parents are then expected to go through the information and communicate it to the child.

“Most of the information provided is at such a clinical level that even many parents don’t fully understand it,” said Breen. “I asked myself how I could put the information into an engaging tool for children that would also provide support and resources for parents so they know that there are other strategies. The purpose was to improve the opportunities of learning for these families.”

A key benefit of My Healthy Tale is that it tracks the child’s learning progress and reports it to both the child and his/her parents, which tells parents which questions were answered incorrectly and provides them with valuable insight into what conversations they need to have with their child. Another benefit of the app is that it uses terminology that is easy to understand and that children can relate to their everyday lives.

“There’s not a lot of information out there that’s really tailored to children from the ages of 2 to 10 that appeals to them and relates to them in a fun way,” said Fox. “The app provides very specific information about relevant, real-world situations. All of that clinical and medical information is applied to meaningful situations that kids can really relate to.”

Breen’s partnership with Fox and ABR was an ideal fit because ABR’s core area of expertise is creating innovative, interactive learning tools and customer experience solutions for companies such as Comcast, Sprint, Macy’s, U.S. Bank, and Time Warner Cable. Breen’s creativity and insight is a natural integration with ABR because My Healthy Tale is an extension of customer experience for children. In addition, both Breen and Fox have family members who are struggling with diabetes and other chronic conditions, and both are passionate about helping children and their families navigate the sometimes overwhelming process of managing an illness.

Enhancements are currently underway for My Healthy Tale to make it even more powerful for children and their families, and another iteration of the app will soon be available for children and families struggling with hemophilia. Additionally, Breen and Fox believe that there are opportunities to expand this concept to other chronic illnesses and practices in the future, such as asthma, obesity, ADD, and ADHD.

While the primary audience for My Healthy Tale is families and the children who are affected by chronic illnesses, Breen and Fox also want to use the insightful data collected via the app to engage healthcare organizations as they continue to look for better ways to educate families and improve the overall patient experience. Eventually, the data collected could also be used to help aid the research efforts for chronic conditions.

About ABR

ABR is a full-service, award-winning training company, specializing in business performance, management and leadership development, product knowledge, and social media solutions. In 2013, the company was awarded a Gold Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award and was a finalist in the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business Excellence Awards in the “Small Business of the Year” category. ABR was also named as one of the “Businesses WE Watch” by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s WE Celebrate Awards in 2012 and was a Cincinnati Business Courier “Fast 55” recipient in 2008. Visit the ABR website for more information about the company’s offerings.

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