Accelerated Business Results Training Recognized in ASTD Citation

Accelerated Business Results (ABR) develops award-winning training. ABR, a learning development company, has partnered with Time Warner Cable (TWC) in creating a training solution that supports TWC’s service-to-sales initiative. ABR conceptualized and created a break-through training solution, called The S3 Sales Training Solution, to motivate TWC agents to embrace a mindset change.

“In today’s world, it’s unacceptable to produce average training. Our specialized talent and thought leadership allows us to deliver truly innovative solutions.”
– Amy Fox, President, ABR

The S3 Sales Training Solution has been selected by the ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) to receive an Excellence in Practice Citation. ASTD is the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals. The ASTD awards program recognizes exemplary practices in workplace learning and performance and shares the learning of the winners worldwide. Citations were presented for practices from which much can be learned, but which have not yet reached award level. In 2007, the organization received 97 entries: twelve practices were selected to receive awards, and 31 were chosen for citations.

TWC sells leading-edge products in an increasingly competitive market. To protect their customer base from competitors and to increase revenue, customer service agents needed to add the selling role to their service responsibilities. ABR provided a training solution that encourages agents to “Sell, Satisfy, and Succeed” (S3).

“ABR partnered with us to push the envelope on training. They took the time to fully understand our needs and our business and in the end created a training program that we’re now able to use as a recruiting and retention tool.”
– Kathleen Cattrall, Vice President Sales Channel Performance, TWC

The S3 Sales Training Solution is designed to be a blended learning initiative, integrating a consistent selling approach with coaching training for supervisors so they can actively support agents in using the new selling skills on the job. Agents are instructed on how to Sell the value of TWC services by Satisfying customer-expressed needs, and thus Succeed in the job. E-learning modules deliver knowledge directly to the agents on the job and instructor-led follow-up sessions provide opportunities for practice and mastery.

Implementation of the training began in June 2007. TWC has reported immediate positive results from the training; customer service agents are now selling because they are empowered by a common sales process, a common sales language, and additional tools to help them be successful.

“Results from the pilot to date are terrific, and anecdotal information supports that the change effort is working. It will be very interesting to read about further results.”
– ASTD judge

“ABR is an outstanding consultant, provides out-of-the box thinking, and works diligently to ensure customers are satisfied with the end product. They were willing to make adjustments according the individual needs of the client and respond to quick turn around times when requested.”
– Terilyn Bradshaw, Director, Sales Training and Development, TWC

ABR provides customized learning solutions. Through a practiced approach of consultation, needs assessment, and inventive design, ABR provides unique learning solutions that deliver results and meet business needs.

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