How Do I Maintain Control and Privacy on My Facebook Business Page?

Dear ABR,

I have not created a Facebook business page for my company. I don’t want people to see what I am posting from a personal standpoint on my profile. I want to be able to control what people see, and I’m unsure of how much control I would have over my business page. How can I get my business more involved on Facebook but maintain control and privacy?

– Charles M.
President of a financial services company in Dayton, OH


Those who “like” Facebook business pages cannot see who owns or administers the page. When you post to your business page as an “admin” of that page, the name of your page appears as the author, not your personal name. Note in this example that the personal identity of the author of the post is not revealed.

It is true that you have to create a personal profile in order to create a business page, but the connection is not visible in any way to your community of Facebook fans. In fact, you never really have to spend time with your personal profile if you don’t want to.

Although you didn’t ask, I’d like to mention that no matter what type of business you have, Facebook is a social network worthy of consideration. Approximately 1 in 13 people on Earth are on Facebook, and half of those people (250 million) are logged in on any given day! There’s a very good chance that your customers are spending time there, and not just connecting with friends, but also researching businesses that offer products and services they need.  Facebook is also, by the way, a popular place for users to share experiences they have with businesses and to get recommendations from each other.

Do some checking around to see which social networks your customers are spending their time on. If it’s Facebook, know that your personal identity and information shared on your profile is not viewable by your business page community.

– Jason Martin, Social Media Specialist

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