Car-Part: Consultative Sales Training Workshop

Car-Part’s Need

Car-Part offers online tools that simplify the inventory management and auction processes for the used auto parts market. The company recently developed a new inventory management system that makes the process of buying and selling parts more streamlined and convenient. Following these improvements, it became apparent that their sales employees were merely selling products to customers rather than whole solutions. Car-Part realized that they needed a more systematic, robust sales process that would help their employees learn to ask questions that uncover customers’ needs and successfully position and sell Car-Part solutions. Therefore, Car-Part enlisted the help of Accelerated Business Results (ABR) to deliver a comprehensive sales training program at Car-Part’s upcoming conference.

The ABR Solution

In approximately one month’s time, ABR completed a full data collection process and customized a two-day instructor-led training program focused on providing salespeople with a clear and effective sales process that would enable them to consult with customers and supply full solutions instead of à la carte products. Highlights of the program included:

  • An explanation of consultative selling
  • A step-by-step sales process
  • Customized examples and scenarios relevant to the Car-Part audience
  • Planning techniques and tools for on-the-job use

ABR created a Participant Guide, Sales Call Planner, and Leader’s presentation with detailed facilitation notes for the program. In addition, an ABR facilitator delivered the program to the conference participants, which included individuals in a variety of sales-related roles. The highly interactive workshop featured customized scenarios, role plays, and planning tools.

How ABR Helped Car-Part

ABR was extremely successful in quickly learning about this industry and collecting the information needed to provide an engaging and valuable training program for Car-Part. In just four short weeks, ABR created and facilitated training that was extremely well received by participants and supplied them with a standard, consultative sales process. In addition, a skilled ABR facilitator led the conference session, which took the worry of facilitation ramp-up out of the equation for Car-Part.

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