Comcast Business Services: Training and Sales Coaching Workshop

Comcast Cable´s Need

Comcast is the largest cable television company, the second-largest Internet service provider, and according to the company, the fourth-largest telephone service provider in the United States. In 2006, Comcast shifted its sales strategy for its business services group and significantly increased sales expectations. A commercial sales team was already in place, but was predominately an inbound-only group. The company changed gears and created dedicated outbound commercial sales teams. Inbound calls were centralized at Corporate and now salespeople were expected to cold call and hunt for new business.

The ABR Solution

Accelerated Business Results (ABR) created a customized three-day instructor-led training program for the new commercial sales teams. This intense workshop for both existing and new salespeople taught the critical skills required for successfully selling in the commercial space. Specialized ABR facilitators delivered the three-day training, which included analyzed sales situations and fun, competitive team activities. The combination of sales and training experience allowed facilitators to demonstrate immediate credibility with the topics and offer real-world examples throughout the training.

In addition to the sales training, ABR created a sales coaching workshop. This application-driven workshop gave sales managers the skills and techniques to manage the new selling skills that were required of their salespeople. During the workshop they discussed coaching strategies to address these gaps and practiced conducting sales coaching conversations. The managers walked away with detailed coaching plans that they were able to implement immediately.

How ABR Helped Comcast Accomplish Their Goals

ABR designed and delivered an effective training program that helped to transform Comcast’s existing sales staff. The intensive focus on product applications and new business acquisition gave salespeople the specific skills and information they needed to quickly shift their sales approach. Because of ABR’s extensive cable and telecom experience, ABR facilitators were able to share real-world sales strategies for beating the competition.

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