Customer Experience Workshop Consulting and Delivery

Our Client’s Need
Accelerated Business Results (ABR) has a long-standing client that offers data, video, and voice services to businesses of all sizes; cell tower backhaul services to wireless carriers; and enterprise-class, cloud-enabled hosting, managed applications, and services. In 2012, this company’s corporate marketing team was preparing to launch a certification program for its business services employees to educate them on the company’s “Branded Customer Experience” and how it would impact processes and the overall way they interact with business customers. Prior to this, the company had conducted in-depth research to get a broad view of the customer experience and lifecycle through customer eyes. Our client was focused on developing a customer experience strategy that their customers would resonate with, and a key step in the process was helping employees to learn and act upon the company’s definition of “customer experience”: To deliver a customer focused experience that empowers employees to exceed customer expectations during all interactions.

A component of the certification program included a one-day instructor-led training (ILT) Customer Experience workshop. Our client’s goal was to train 1,000 employees via the one-day workshops that year, and the corporate marketing team needed an additional training partner to help deliver them. Therefore, they engaged ABR to support the facilitation of the Customer Experience workshops.

The ABR Solution
Our client had developed the Customer Experience course content for the one-day ILT workshop in house, so ABR’s function was to help implement numerous sessions. Although initially ABR’s role was facilitation only, we felt that there were opportunities for more participant engagement after observing one of the workshops. Thus, ABR consulted with our client to successfully improve the content flow and incorporate more interactivity into the session. After making these enhancements, five facilitators from ABR delivered 43 ILT workshops to the company’s employees.

CEW quoteABR’s Impact

Our client’s Customer Experience workshop was designed to help every employee better understand customer needs from the customer’s perspective, and how their own role, even non-customer-facing employees, impacts the customer. ABR helped these employees to have a voice in this process and to understand where they can improve the customer experience. Employees learned to be empowered – that they can and should take action in their role to make a difference.

In addition, this process of differentiating the effects of every role on the customer experience enabled their leadership to get a better understanding of employee roles overall, which led to process and procedure improvement. Our client took what they learned in the ILT sessions and created pilots to validate the actual impact on the customer experience. The pilot programs that had a positive effect on the customer experience were then rolled out enterprise-wide.

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