SafeNet: Sales Leader Excellence Training

SafeNet’s Need

SafeNet is a leading global provider of data protection that serves Fortune 500 global corporations and government agencies by securing and protecting their most valuable data assets and intellectual property. In 2012, many of SafeNet’s Account Executives were tenured professionals with solid sales experience who had had product training over the years, but the company had expanded quickly through acquisition; therefore, the number of products was growing and the SafeNet sales teams consisted of AEs from all over the world with a variety of backgrounds and sales experience. Expectations were high for sales teams and the company needed to ensure that sales leaders were prepared to effectively coach and manage performance in the coming years. For these reasons, the company identified a need for a comprehensive, international approach to their sales leadership training that would drive a consistent sales culture across the company.

The ABR Solution

To address their needs, SafeNet engaged Accelerated Business Results (ABR) to design and develop a customized Sales Leadership Excellence Training program for the SafeNet sales leadership team, which included the following components:

Leadership Assessment: Both SafeNet Sales Directors and their direct reports completed this assessment in order for the Sales Directors to learn more about their leadership skills and how they were perceived. Based on these findings, they were able to identify their strengths and how to capitalize on them, as well as any gaps in their leadership performance and how to improve.

One of several interactive whiteboard activities ABR used during SafeNet’s first virtual training session

One of several interactive whiteboard activities ABR used during SafeNet’s first virtual training session

Virtual Training Sessions: ABR designed and facilitated three application-oriented webinars for the Sales Directors that focused on the practical dimensions of effective leadership, including Building a Business Strategy and Plan, Building Relationships to Achieve Success, and Coaching and Managing Performance. The ABR facilitator engaged the Sales Directors by asking them to respond to poll questions, contribute to group discussions, and participate in online activities. Sales Directors also walked away with a solid strategic plan for their team.

Action Learning Assignments: After completing each virtual training session, Sales Directors completed an action learning assignment in order to apply the key concepts from the webinar. Assignments were then debriefed at the beginning of the following webinar.

How ABR Helped SafeNet

Through the Sales Leader Excellence Training solution, ABR helped SafeNet create and implement a consistent strategy for Sales Directors and their teams, as well as a foundation to equip these leaders with the skills and tools to be more effective managers and coaches. The Leadership SafeNet_testimonialAssessment provided Sales Directors with clear insight about themselves, including a better understanding of how they lead, how to bring out their strengths, and where they have opportunities for growth. In addition, the Virtual Training Sessions were key in bringing these global and widely dispersed Sales Directors together, which enabled them to build rapport with other leaders in the company, share best practices with one another, and consider new ways of being an effective leader.

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