Sales Manager Coaching Solution

Our Client’s Need
Accelerated Business Results (ABR) has a valued client that is a global communications provider with enterprise, government, and carrier customers in more than 60 countries around the world. Recently the company recognized a need to develop a training curriculum for its sales management team that emphasized sales performance and individual development. Our client wanted to develop the coaching skills and behaviors that would be specifically targeted to their sales management environment. They were looking for a partner to help implement a two-day customized instructor-led training workshop with additional components for measurement and reinforcement.

The ABR Solution
ABR helped our client design and develop a custom instructor-led training (ILT) solution and supported the implementation of training sessions for sales managers. The mission of the Sales Manager Coaching solution was to identify and practice universal coaching techniques in the sales organization that would result in three primary goals: 1) to improve the manager-employee relationship, 2) to drive employee engagement and retention, and 3) to increase sales productivity. To help accomplish this, the ABR solution included the following components:

  • Two-Day Sales Manager Coaching Workshop – ABR designed and developed this workshop to align specifically to the program outcomes and business drivers identified in the sales environment. After the pilot session, 16 additional sessions were delivered by ABR and our client’s facilitators.
  • Train-the-Trainer Session – ABR also designed and delivered a train-the-trainer session for selected facilitators following the pilot workshop. Our client’s facilitators attended the pilot, participated in a T3 pre-work activity, and then attended the T3 training. Their facilitators also engaged in weekly status calls with ABR to discuss workshop planning and to calibrate on delivery expectations.
  • Workshop Evaluation – ABR provided design guidance for surveys that participants took at the end of every session, which captured feedback about the workshops. ABR worked with our client to analyze the survey results for common themes, strengths, and opportunities, and together generated recommendations and next steps for sustainability of the coaching solution.

Quotes for WebsiteABR’s Impact
Following the implementation of the workshops, sales managers reported that the training closed several performance gaps and sales reps agreed that the coaching solution resulted in greater focus on individual development, positive and constructive coaching conversations, and an increase in performance against sales goals.

The sales coaching solution has created momentum for coaching activity and demand for additional coaching training across the sales organization.

Lastly, there has been a 41% average increase in sales attainment across sales teams after sales managers participated in the Sales Manager Coaching Workshop.

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