Time Warner Cable Adelphia-Comcast: New Employee Integration Training

Time Warner Cable´s Need

Time Warner Cable (TWC) is the second-largest cable operator in the U.S. and an industry leader in developing and launching innovative video, data, and voice services. In 2006, TWC rapidly expanded by acquiring part of Adelphia Communications and exchanging some of TWC’s existing properties with Comcast’s properties, resulting in both new customers and new employees from Adelphia and Comcast. The company needed to integrate these former Adelphia and Comcast employees into TWC swiftly and seamlessly, while making them feel positive about the change. TWC needed training immediately so that all employees were ready to support customers.

The ABR Solution

The Accelerated Business Results (ABR) solution began with leadership training called Momentum for the executives, managers, directors, and supervisors of teams involved in the integration. Momentum included a two-day instructor-led training session that prepared these leaders to support their teams during the transition. The upbeat, interactive session focused on change management and the tools and techniques that leaders could use to help their teams adapt to TWC.

The second phase of ABR’s training solution was delivered to all employees who were affected by the integration, and it included ten e-learning modules and supporting instructor-led training sessions. The modules provided TWC branding standards, marketing strategies, product knowledge, and competitive selling techniques to new employees. ABR produced these modules from scratch and had about one month to deliver the training to new TWC employees.

How ABR Helped Time Warner Cable Accomplish Their Goals

ABR designed and delivered an effective and innovative training solution in a very short timeframe that prepared a diverse group of employees with a multitude of backgrounds and experience to transition into a new work situation. As a result, the training solution met TWC’s needs of warmly welcoming these individuals into the company, introducing them to TWC’s background and culture, and providing them with the knowledge and tools that they needed to become successful TWC employees.

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