Time Warner Cable: New Leadership Orientation Training

Time Warner Cable´s Need

Time Warner Cable (TWC) is the second-largest cable operator in the U.S. and an industry leader in developing and launching innovative video, data, and voice services. TWC wanted to develop a consistent process for educating new and existing corporate-level managers (called “people leaders”) on human resources policies and procedures. TWC wanted to utilize its new learning management system (LMS) to create consistency and present the subject matter expertise in a more structured, repeatable format.

The ABR Solution

Accelerated Business Results (ABR) developed a blended and fully customized New Leader Orientation training solution for TWC, including structuring and designing an e-learning module and delivering an instructor-led training session. ABR also provided support materials such as skill guide cards, checklists, and e-magazines to reinforce learning on-the-job.

The e-learning module introduced the New Leader Orientation training solution to people leaders and set the stage for what they would learn and why this material was important. People leaders were asked to complete pre-work with cases of potential new hires, and in the instructor-led session they participated in relevant role plays and worked through the whole lifecycle of an employee by applying their experience and knowledge from the training.

How ABR Helped Time Warner Cable Accomplish Their Goals

Before ABR’s New Leader Orientation solution, the process for training managers was inconsistent, and new people leaders had to ask the HR team for answers to many fundamental questions. This method limited the productivity of both people leaders and HR team members. ABR standardized this training process and created a relevant solution that met TWC’s need for formal training and increased employee productivity.

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