Warehouse Specialists, Inc: Business Writing Skills Training Solution

WSI’s Need

Warehouse Specialists, Inc. (WSI), one of the country’s largest privately held logistics companies, delivers reliable, integrated logistics and supply chain optimization to a wide range of customers and commodities. To train its facilities managers and employees, WSI has used a combination of online courses and informal PowerPoint training by managers and company leadership in the past. Recognizing a need for a more robust and formal training process and modularized content, the company decided recently to create a framework for developing several new, customized, online courses.

As part of this, WSI selected Accelerated Business Results (ABR) to develop a Business Writing Skills solution for management, sales, and customer service employees. This type of solution was crucial and timely because the company had recognized that many employees lacked solid, consistent writing skills, particularly with email communication. For instance, managers and employees were often spending more time than necessary emailing back and forth because the initial email wasn’t well thought out or didn’t contain all of the essential information. The company was very motivated, therefore, to train its employees to learn to communicate more effectively with internal and external customers.

The ABR Solution

One of the screens from the Business Writing Skills e-learning course that ABR created for WSI

One of the screens from the Business Writing Skills e-learning course that ABR created for WSI

ABR created a three-part blended training solution for WSI. The first component was a Business Writing Skills Training Guide, which contained important content and reflection activities and was designed to be a resource for learners as they completed the training and to reference back on the job. Another part of the overall solution was a customized Business Writing Skills e-learning course, which ABR developed for WSI employees using Captivate. The e-learning focused largely on email and written communication with other employees and external customers, including the benefits of thorough and effective written communication, how to identify critical components in a professionally written email, and applying the process for crafting a well-written message.

After finishing the Business Writing Skills e-learning course, learners were asked to complete an action learning assignment in preparation for participating in an interactive webinar. ABR designed the Business Writing Skills webinar to complement and support the concepts learned in the e-learning course. Therefore, the webinar reviewed key points from the e-learning, examined the action learning assignment that participants had completed, and addressed ways to continue applying the skills back on the job.

How ABR Helped WSI

ABR’s Business Writing Skills training solution helped address WSI’s immediate need to improve employees’ written communication skills with both internal and with external customers. The blended training solution also supported WSI’s overall commitment to implementing a more structured, modularized training process across the organization, as well as its anticipated future growth.

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