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The Value Proposition…Why?

Darrell Burke

Why are you in business? Why is any business in business? When we really think about it, nearly every business offers some sort of product or service to the general public that will, on some level, make their lives easier. And that specific component (making your life easier) is what businesses monetize. For example, laundry […]

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Is Your Sales Team Accountable for Product Innovation?

Have you ever had the world stand still after you asked a customer for feedback on your product or service? It happened to me in the quaint little German town of Walldorf several years ago. I was the client lead for a collaboration between software giant SAP and my company, the world’s largest Coke bottler […]

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Add Value and Leave Competitors Behind

Value. What does that mean to the buyer? One way value is defined in the dictionary is “the worth of something in terms of the amount and quality of other things for which it can be exchanged.” The value of your service or product is often measurable and easily demonstrated up front. However, the “perceived” value will many times only be experienced by your follow-up and your willingness to go the extra mile and add value.

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Car-Part: Consultative Sales Training Workshop

How ABR quickly and successfully created and delivered a comprehensive sales training program for employees at Car-Part that provided them with a systematic and robust consultative sales process.

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Five Requirements of Sales Success

Video Blog: Success in sales has never been harder. To thrive in today’s environment, employees must possess five critical skills.

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