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This Could Have Ended Badly…

Cindy Weissman

Recently, when a piece of equipment in my home office finally decided to give out, I learned how a good organization handles negative feedback. But first, let me back up for a minute… I needed to replace a piece of equipment, and a quick trip to the local provider retail store should have resolved the […]

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Behind the Scenes at ABR: Onboarding Done Right

Elise Margol

What’s new with ABR? Take a peek at what’s going on in our world as we work to deliver relevant, world-class solutions for our clients. Elise Margol, Instructional Design Manager for ABR, has been focused recently on onboarding programs for one of our largest clients. One such program involves onboarding new call center agents who […]

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What Service Are You Really Providing?

I had an experience recently that was very frustrating but made me think harder about the service I provide as a learning professional. Before I get to the “how this applies to us,” let me tell you the story. My Garage Story A friend bought a gift for me. It was a service that installs […]

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Birthday Wishes from That Business I Barely Remember

Karrin Frilling

Today (July 30) is my birthday. I’m not sharing that so people will comment on my blog with birthday sentiments. I did get a lot of birthday wishes from people… friends, family, co-workers… even my realtor called to tell me to have a great day. And I got a card from the car dealer I […]

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Give Them Free Cake (Ways to Win Over Your Customers)

One of the advantages to working from home is that I don’t actually have to work from home. I can be pretty mobile. You can find free Wi-Fi just about anywhere these days, so I’ve sent emails and IMs from just about everywhere—the library, a local park, and a myriad of cafes.

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Everything I Know About Customer Service I Learned at Disney World

My family and I just returned from the Most Magical Place on Earth, otherwise known as Walt Disney World in Florida. If my calculations are correct, this was my 9th visit there, and my husband’s 11th. Yes, we love it and we’re not ashamed to admit it. There’s just something extra special about the way they do things there. And that’s no accident. It’s very intentional, in fact.

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A Countdown of ABR’s 12 Most Popular Blog Posts

The team members at Accelerated Business Results have been blogging on our website for nearly two years. In fact, we’ve never missed posting at least one blog each week since we started. So, we wanted to take a look back at our 12 most popular blog posts to discover some of the topics and tips […]

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Exceptional Customer Service: Do You Deliver It?

Amy Evans

After many years of providing what I believe to be exceptional customer service to clients, it never ceases to amaze me that there are still business owners and sales professionals who don’t understand the fundamental value of customer service. And they certainly don’t have a clue what it means to provide exceptional customer service.

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Making Meaningful Customer Contact

It seems that most of us in the business world don’t have a problem contacting our customers when they let us know that there is a problem, or when we need something from them, or when we are attempting to sell something to them. But do you ever think about how meaningful that kind of contact is?

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No Compromises: Promoting, Supporting, and Living Your Mission Statement

I always have an eye on the competition. I don’t obsess over them, but I try to make myself aware of what they’re doing, how they price, and what they’re promoting. One thing that never fails to surprise me is how often they lose focus of who they are. I’m in the spa business—not pools and hot tubs, but the rub-you-down and make-you-relax kind of spa—and recently I saw two things with competitors that literally made me laugh out loud.

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Where’s Your Urgency? Some Companies Just Don’t Get Customer Service

Amy Fox

As I’m writing this, my hands are still wrinkly from scrubbing pots and pans. We’re on week three without a dishwasher. You would think that after three floods and eight service calls, my one-year-old dishwasher would qualify for the “lemon” clause in the extended warranty, right? The funny thing is that all parties (store, customer […]

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How to Deal with Challenging Customers

One of the first things my life coach taught me was that there are no problems…only challenges. When the word problem is replaced with challenge, it evokes an instant yearning to rise to the occasion and conquer it. Like actually strapping on boots and climbing a mountain instead of just looking at it and thinking, “Wow, I can’t climb that!”

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What I Learned from Black Friday Customer Service

Devon Campailla

Last week I did something I thought I would never do: I went shopping on Black Friday. I have been firmly against participating in the madness for as long as I can remember. I have never wanted to deal with the crowds, the traffic, or the long lines. Cyber Monday is much more my speed! But we had family in town and they demanded that we go shopping. I am nothing if not a gracious host, and I needed to buy a coffee maker for my mom for Christmas anyway, so I gave in.

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Customer (Over) Service

Recently I’ve begun to experience something I like to call customer “over” service. It’s a rare monster to encounter, but when you come face to face with it, you’ll immediately know.

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The Double Platinum Rule: Taking Customer Service to the Next Level (or Two!)

Let me start by confessing that I’ve “borrowed” the idea for this blog from a guy named Bryan K. Williams who did a stint at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company and now does customer service consulting and seminars. I believe that his Double Platinum rule should be engraved in a granite plaque and placed in the break room of every company that places any importance on customer service.

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Did She Really Just Say That? Customer Service Tips for Challenging Conversations

Last summer, Chris Mann of the Woodhouse Day Spa in Montgomery, Ohio, wrote a guest blog for ABR about “Putting the Customer Back in Customer Service.” I think this is a common theme that many of us experience every day. I regularly see blogs about poor customer service experiences, yet the problem persists.

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The Big Cost of Little Culture

“Company Culture” is one of those new millennium terms that has become commonplace in most corporate environments, along with mission statements, list of ethics, and so on. It’s a buzz phrase that gets kicked around like a football because it sounds good, but what does it really mean?

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Monitor Your Reputation (and Your Customers!)

Would you ever let your phone ring in your customer call center and not pick it up? This is what happens on a daily basis inside social media tools. I see where people are praising companies or complaining about a recent experience and no one is responding back to those comments.

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With the Good Comes the Bad, But Help Is in Sight

Last month I was in the market for new golf clubs. I was willing to buy, but I was not in a MUST HAVE mode. I also had just taken my kids to a driving range where they used my clubs and had a blast. I was pleasantly surprised when my 6- and 8-year-old could hit the ball WELL with my clubs. So we set out on a mission to buy new clubs for the kids and I knew that if I found something or someone SOLD me, I’d buy new ones for myself as well.

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No More Mediocrity: Over-Deliver for your Customers is a notoriously customer-centric company. Recently they received some great press when one of their affiliate sites had a glitch in their computer code that changed all of their pricing to $49.95. They quickly fixed the error, but they faced a question that many of us in business are faced with every day: “We […]

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Putting the Customer Back in Customer Service

It boggles my mind how little most businesses care about their customers. It’s sad. “Do what’s right” has been replaced by “Do what’s right…for the company.” If only companies would realize that doing right for their customer IS what’s right for the company.

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