Experience Counts

Elise Margol

Our family just returned from a summer vacation where we spent over a week together. My kids are at the busy teenage stage in their lives, so they are rarely home during the school year. Summer vacation is about the only way we can effectively close off reality and spend good, quality time being together. […]

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Igniting Change in Customer Experience

Amy Fox

Customer experience (CX) has come into its own as an industry. Among large companies, almost two thirds (63 percent) have a chief experience officer or senior leader charged with improving CX, and 37 percent have at least 10 full-time customer experience staff. Yet across many industries, customers perceive that their experiences are getting worse. Between […]

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More Buzzzz on Customer Experience: 5 Key Tools for an Effective Strategy

Elise Margol

ABR continues to hear a lot of buzz about customer experience. It seems that most companies realize that in times when traditional distinguishing characteristics are becoming easier to copy, and when customers expect more from their interactions with service providers, the discipline of customer experience allows them to differentiate themselves. The practice of adapting a […]

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