Designing an eLearning GUI

Joe Webster

The user interface (or UI) is a critical part of an eLearning course. It doesn’t usually get much attention after its initial design, but it can have a big bearing on the success or failure of the course as a whole. Guiding Principles Guiding design principles can vary for individual clients, because it’s sometimes desirable […]

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eLearning Today and Tomorrow: Design Trends to Pay Attention To

Today’s blog focuses on the eLearning trends we are seeing now and expect to see even more in 2015. Design principles are consistent with what we’ve seen over the past couple of years with a focus on the learner, delivering content in small bites, developing for the mobile learner, and, of course, keeping courses engaging […]

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How Incorporating the Customer Experience Can Breathe New Life into Plain Old Product Training

Devon Campailla

Onboarding new employees can be a daunting task. New hires often need to learn a large amount of information quickly—it can feel like they are being hit with a wall of information, and all of that data can be difficult to process. A quality onboarding experience doesn’t just have the learners memorize lists of facts […]

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SCORM Tracking Briefly Explained

At ABR, clients often ask us to design and develop e-learning courses that will track and/or store their users’ progress and completion. A learning management system (LMS) that supports SCORM 1.2 allows a developer using programming tools such as Lectora, Articulate, Flash, or HTML/JavaScript to do just that. The information is sent to and retrieved […]

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ABR and MYCA Form eLearning Partnership

CINCINNATI, Ohio (May 6, 2013) – Accelerated Business Results (ABR) and MYCA Learning, both award-winning, woman-owned training providers, are partnering to bring the best in eLearning to clients. The two companies know that organizations today are looking for high-impact eLearning for their employees. By joining forces and combining their talent and resources, ABR and MYCA […]

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