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Are You Distracted?

Elise Margol

I’ve been thinking a lot about the art of distraction lately and how we as individuals handle it.  Take my son, for instance. All it takes is a loud noise, and he’s up with his nose pressed against the window to see where it came from. Or, the many “projects” that get started at my […]

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Behind the Scenes at ABR: Summer’s Here!

Devon Campailla

What’s new with ABR? Take a peek at what’s going on in our world as we work to deliver relevant, world-class solutions for our clients. Summer is here, so I’ve switched to coffee of the iced variety, but I’m still keeping a steady flow of caffeine going. While some offices slow down during the summer […]

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The “Out of Office” Myth

Kathryn Lee

It’s June! The weather is warmer, schools are out (or will be soon), and many of us are anticipating some kind of summer vacation. I can’t wait for mine later this month! I was interested to learn, however, about a 2014 survey by Glassdoor that found that the average American employee who receives a vacation […]

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Out of Sight But Not Out of Mind: How to Telecommute Successfully

Elise Margol

It seems like yesterday – the first day I began a new job in my home office. I was all set to go with my spanking new office furniture, dedicated business telephone line, high-speed Internet, and plenty of office supplies. I shut my office door and announced to my husband that I was going to […]

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