Stay in the Know: Emotionally Intelligent Presentations

Victoria Rodgers

Today the ABR blog is helping you “stay in the know” by sharing an article that we found interesting. We think you will too. As a facilitator, presenter, coach, and frequent subject matter expert, I am often tasked with leading discussions with people around the country on a variety of topics, from organizational strategy to […]

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Strategies to Develop and Support Facilitators

Victoria Rodgers

Organizations today need to do more at a faster pace and support employees across various geographies. Training delivery teams are faced with the daunting task of balancing the deployment of virtual instructor-led sessions (webinars), eLearning, and traditional classroom instructor-led programs. One key area that training leaders and teams often overlook while juggling these facilitation needs […]

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Mastery of Facilitation Skills

Victoria Rodgers

As a custom training organization, many of the solutions ABR designs for clients are blended, in which eLearning, simulations, coaching, or other learning tools are complemented by an instructor-led training (ILT) component. When we create ILT solutions, we take great pride in developing innovative, application-based, and relevant sessions. But this means NOTHING if the facilitator […]

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Are You Ready to Vacilitate?

Cindy Weissman

As more and more instructor-led training makes the transition to virtual, and facilitation preparation moves from creating flip charts to setting up break out rooms and poll pods, I started thinking about what it takes to be a good virtual facilitator. Are the skills, knowledge, and attitudes so different from what an exceptional classroom leader […]

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Ask, Don’t Tell—A Different Perspective

Darrell Burke

Recently I had the great pleasure of working with a group of employees of a client of ABR’s. They were asked to conduct training for the departments they support and I was facilitating the train-the-trainer session for the content we developed for this training. This group had conducted training before, but they weren’t experienced “trainers” or “facilitators”; […]

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Self-Discovery in Training—How I Self-Discovered It!

Darrell Burke

When I first started to train, I thought that it was my job—in fact, my duty—to impart my knowledge and wisdom to the participants in every class I taught. After all, I was the trainer. I was the person standing in front of the classroom with the facilitator’s guide. I was chosen by my company […]

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Blended Learning: A Great Opportunity for Facilitators

Darrell Burke

Who knew that when the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) stated in 2003 that “blended learning” was one of the top 10 trends to emerge in the knowledge-delivery industry that it would today be more than just a trend? Today, blended learning is becoming the de facto strategy when addressing how to educate […]

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How Do I Choose Between E-Learning and Instructor-Led Training?

Dear ABR,

What are some factors I need to consider for my business when I am deciding between e-learning training and in-person, instructor-led training?

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ABR Seeking Systems Facilitators

ABR is seeking Systems Facilitators with experience delivering Salesforce.com or similar CRM tool training. This position will interweave the fundamentals of Salesforce.com as an order entry system as well as how to fully utilize the CRM functionality for a variety of audiences.

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The Keys to Successful, Personal Training Experiences

Amy Evans

Do your facilitators receive gifts from their participants? Ours do—little gifts like cards, books, and cakes. These are the visible and immediate signs of an impactful connection between participants and the facilitator. So what factors contribute to this success, besides highly developed, professional facilitation skills?  Walk the talk. Our ABR facilitators come from a variety […]

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