making decisions

What to Do? Decision-Making in the 21st Century

Cindy Weissman

Recently, and for reasons unknown, I have been asked to help friends and family make some pretty big life decisions. Maybe it is the change of seasons, or perhaps with my advancing age and endless wisdom I have finally earned some credibility. Yeah, I didn’t think so either. Regardless of the reasons, these requests did […]

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Taking the High Road

Darrell Burke

Recently I found myself in a position of frustration. Someone in my life was making difficult demands and was surrounding those demands with a less-than-positive attitude. I had been in this situation before with this person and, in the past, we had “gone to war,” created a toxic atmosphere for each other, and ended up […]

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Decisions, Decisions

Darrell Burke

Life is a series of decisions and we learn this fact very early! “Do I want to spend my allowance on a bag of M&Ms or should I spend it on that Milky Way bar?” We’re still making decisions into our teens, although we have to make them more frequently, and the consequences of our […]

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