Life’s Best Marketing Moments? Every Time You Open Your Mouth

They usually aren’t glossy or multi-colored. And they don’t always come with a rockin’ video link. That website and logo that are the envy of your peers? Nice, but at the highest level of building a successful business? Yawn. Yeah, I know… you have to have all that stuff. But in my experience, the simplest […]

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Aspirational Marketing: Challenge Yourself to Find Tomorrow’s Brand Purpose

Businesses are afraid to ask their customers the question, “Who do you want to be?” Too often, the question corporate marketers ask is, “What does my customer need today?” The problem with this question is that it doesn’t generate the knowledge you need to create and innovate the products and services that your customer will need tomorrow. Brands become heroes to their customers when they answer a customer’s need before the customer actually realizes they need it.

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Your Company’s Expertise Sells: How to Play Your Ace in the Hole

In your daily grind to market and sell your company’s products and services, did you overlook the one differentiator that every customer will notice and no competitor can replicate? This isn’t a riddle. I’m referring to your unique expertise as a leader in your field, as the company in a position to impart knowledge that helps your customers buy smarter, and sooner.

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With the Good Comes the Bad, But Help Is in Sight

Last month I was in the market for new golf clubs. I was willing to buy, but I was not in a MUST HAVE mode. I also had just taken my kids to a driving range where they used my clubs and had a blast. I was pleasantly surprised when my 6- and 8-year-old could hit the ball WELL with my clubs. So we set out on a mission to buy new clubs for the kids and I knew that if I found something or someone SOLD me, I’d buy new ones for myself as well.

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Social Media Strategist Kendra Ramirez to Lead Session at ABA Marketing Conference

Kendra Ramirez, Social Media Strategist at Accelerated Business Results, will lead a session on “Integration and Management of Social Media in Your Bank” at the American Bankers Association (ABA) Marketing Conference at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis on September 14, 2010.

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What´s Your Brand?

As a marketing consultant, I call on 100+ businesses per week. After most phone calls and visits, I can’t help but wonder, “What’s their brand?” By brand, I’m talking about what defines your business to consumers when they think of you, if they actually do think of you.

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