Microlearning Is Here and We’re Ready. Are You?

Amy Fox

Our world is very different than it was just a generation ago. The Information Age has brought about significant changes to our personal and professional lives in how we interact with and share information. One of the many effects of this shift is that our attention spans are shrinking, which is pushing companies to up their game in order to truly […]

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How’s Your Attention?

Elise Margol

Family dinner at our house can be somewhat chaotic. Child 1: “Mom, guess what my teacher told me today?” Child 2: “Mom, are you listening? I just told you I need to bring donuts for advisement tomorrow. Can you get them for me?” Child 1: “Hey, you’re interrupting me. I’m trying to tell mom what […]

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When Is Animation Right for Your Training Needs?

Devon Campailla

Micro-learning is an important concept in the training world these days. Delivering need-to-know information in smaller chunks is ideal for learners who seem to have less time and shorter attention spans. There are several mediums that can be used to create this bite-sized training, including nano-eLearning courses or infographic job aids. Another useful tool is […]

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