positive feedback

Show Employees Some Love: The Art of Positive Feedback

Amy Fox

At ABR, we work with many clients in the learning and development arena, and far too often we hear or observe that leaders at all levels neglect to offer enough positive feedback and reinforcement to their employees. I recently wrote a blog for the Association for Talent Development (ATD) on this very topic. The truth […]

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Feedback’s Nasty Reputation

Darrell Burke

I’ve been thinking a lot about feedback lately. I’m developing a coaching class for a client and one of the components, of course, is giving positive and balanced feedback. Both are vital components of coaching and the ability to give both effectively is very important to any coach—beginner to expert. But that isn’t what this […]

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Don’t Forget the Positive

Darrell Burke

It’s a well-known fact that managers, be they front-line, middle, support, or upper, are the translators of the corporate messages. They take the “vision” and goals set by senior leaders and translate them down to employees for dissemination and achievement. Much is at stake and a lot is riding on this group’s shoulders. Therefore, it’s […]

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