Isn’t that a Little Personal? Sales People Should Ask Customers the Difficult Questions

What do I know about you? What do you know about others? What do you know about clients, prospects, and your center of influence? Do you remember being in elementary school, or perhaps more recently observing your own elementary-aged children, and seeing the curiosity and uninhibited ability and desire to find out more about something […]

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Recovering from a Lost Sale

Have you ever invested so much of yourself in an opportunity only to feel totally deflated when you learned you didn’t get the business? If you’re in sales, I’m sure you’ve been there. How do you recover from these situations so that it doesn’t get in the way of securing future business? Those of us in sales recognize the importance of high activity and a robust funnel, and “on to the next” is a regular state of mind for many. However, it’s still important to take a moment to learn not only from our wins but also from our losses.

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Generating New Business with LinkedIn

Last week we shared 17 tips to boost your sales performance and business results. As a follow-up to that blog post, we posted a poll on our Facebook page asking our fans to vote for the topics they wanted more information about. While it was a tight race, ultimately the most requested topic was identifying new contacts and opportunities using LinkedIn.

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Tried and True Sales Tips for Boosting Business Performance

This is a list of 17 ways to boost your sales performance and drive business results—this week! It’s only Tuesday, so you still have four days to impact your week. And the other good news is that it’s only the beginning of the month, so you should be able to accomplish (or at least start) everything on this list by month end! What a great accomplishment to achieve before the upcoming summer holiday. Can you do it? I’m thinking so…

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A Checklist for Success: Preparing for a Winning Sales Call

In today’s world, things seem so busy, time moves too quickly, and so many new things come up that you don’t expect. Then factor in the holidays, vacation schedules, an unplanned sick day, internal meetings and projects that pop up unexpectedly, etc. How is it already 2011? It seems like just yesterday we were planning and strategizing our sales efforts for the remainder of our year.

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Lessons Learned: Sales Tips for the One-Track Mind

Focus and determination are wonderful attributes to have in business, but sometimes they can also be limiting to a sales person’s success. I experienced this myself recently with a prospect. Have you ever been so focused on one specific aspect of the sale that you unknowingly lost sight of other important requirements for a successful close?

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Can Sales Afford to be Patient?

When you think of salespeople, does the vision of a patient person come to mind? Most likely not.

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