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eLearning Today and Tomorrow: Design Trends to Pay Attention To

Today’s blog focuses on the eLearning trends we are seeing now and expect to see even more in 2015. Design principles are consistent with what we’ve seen over the past couple of years with a focus on the learner, delivering content in small bites, developing for the mobile learner, and, of course, keeping courses engaging […]

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Warehouse Specialists, Inc: Business Writing Skills Training Solution

WSI’s Need Warehouse Specialists, Inc. (WSI), one of the country’s largest privately held logistics companies, delivers reliable, integrated logistics and supply chain optimization to a wide range of customers and commodities. To train its facilities managers and employees, WSI has used a combination of online courses and informal PowerPoint training by managers and company leadership […]

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What is Rapid E-Learning and is it Right for You?

Karrin Frilling

Most organizations are constantly seeking ways to create efficiencies and drive down costs. When it comes to training, one of the ways companies do this is through the “rapid” development of e-learning. Typically, rapid development relies on authoring software to create e-learning modules as opposed to Flash-based programming. But just because it’s available doesn’t always […]

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