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Stay in the Know: Sales Training DOs and DON’Ts

Amy Evans

Today the ABR blog is helping you “stay in the know” by sharing an article that we found interesting. We think you will too. Are lists as helpful to you as they are to me? The article “Do’s and Don’ts for Sales Force Training” in Chief Learning Officer grabbed my attention because I like lists […]

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Behind the Scenes at ABR: Creating Meaningful and Realistic Learning for our Clients

What’s new with ABR? Take a peek at what’s going on in our world as we work to deliver relevant, world-class solutions for our clients. Elise Margol, ABR’s Instructional Design Manager, is busy brainstorming and collaborating with our team to create a learning solution for one of our new clients. This organization selected ABR due […]

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We Are Different and Proud of It!

I just participated in a formal RFP process, during which we worked hard to show how we are different from other potential suitors. This was an experience that sharply contrasts the behavior that I see my daughter’s seventh grade peers exhibit, in which everyone works hard not to be different. This contradiction in my life gave me an opportunity to reflect. I wonder how many other companies spend their time trying to emulate what their competitors are doing—in essence focusing on how not to be different—rather than on innovation. At ABR, we are different and proud of it.

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Car-Part: Consultative Sales Training Workshop

How ABR quickly and successfully created and delivered a comprehensive sales training program for employees at Car-Part that provided them with a systematic and robust consultative sales process.

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