Resiliency: 5 Ways to Learn from Sales Rejection

Amy Fox recently published an article I wrote about how to bounce back from sales rejection. No one enjoys rejection, but learning to respond constructively to these disappointments can actually turn losses into future opportunities. Here’s how: Give Yourself Room to Recognize the Gift: Step back and allow yourself the chance to respond rather than react. Do what […]

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Ignite the Right to Sell

Victoria Rodgers

“The purpose of a pitch isn’t necessarily to move others immediately to adopt your idea. The purpose is to offer something so compelling that it begins a conversation, brings the other person in as a participant, and eventually arrives at an outcome that appeals to both of you.” ― Daniel H. Pink, To Sell Is Human: The […]

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The Value Proposition…Why?

Darrell Burke

Why are you in business? Why is any business in business? When we really think about it, nearly every business offers some sort of product or service to the general public that will, on some level, make their lives easier. And that specific component (making your life easier) is what businesses monetize. For example, laundry […]

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Understanding Your Clients’ Expectations: The Best Gift of All

Amy Fox

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, so ‘tis the season to reevaluate the way you are interacting with clients. ABR is in the process of gathering feedback from our clients and mapping out their journey with ABR, so customer experience is top of mind for us. We’re still collecting information, but here are […]

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Are You Focusing Your Sales Efforts in the Right Places?

In today’s marketplace, the stakes are as high as ever and customers are increasingly more sophisticated and risk-averse. If you’re like most sales professionals working in the B2B space, it can oftentimes feel overwhelming. One way to increase your sales performance is to be strategic around where and how to spend your efforts. Do this […]

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Five Steps to Powerful Sales Goals

Mile 25. “It’s still within reach,” I told myself, checking my watch as I approached the parking lot of the Pentagon. I pressed on through the agony that had been my companion for a full hour. This was my third attempt at breaking the magic four-hour barrier for a marathon. Despite dropping a critical 30 […]

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Behind the Scenes at ABR: The Value of CRM Tools

  What’s new with ABR?  Take a peek at what’s going on in our world as we work to deliver relevant, world-class solutions for our clients. One of my favorite courses to facilitate is for business-to-business sales teams. The initial perception a sales professional has of is that it’s just a tool to enter […]

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What Is Your Sales Strategy for 2013? Are You Ready?

It’s the beginning of October, so we’re only three months away from 2013. Businesses are finalizing budgets for next year—are you in their budget? Your activity over these next few months can set you up to have an amazing year. Isn’t it better to be proactive instead of reactive? The ball is in your court, so make it happen. Below are a […]

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Is Your Sales Team Accountable for Product Innovation?

Have you ever had the world stand still after you asked a customer for feedback on your product or service? It happened to me in the quaint little German town of Walldorf several years ago. I was the client lead for a collaboration between software giant SAP and my company, the world’s largest Coke bottler […]

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BIG Strategy for Small Business

Amy Fox, President of Accelerated Business Results, asked me several months ago to attend our local BNI chapter events on the company’s behalf and I was excited to jump right in. I believe that participating in this organization is one of the best sales strategies any small business can adopt! Yes, once a week for an hour and a half can be a huge time commitment; but I look at how this investment can pay off and have no doubt that it’s time well spent.

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A Countdown of ABR’s 12 Most Popular Blog Posts

The team members at Accelerated Business Results have been blogging on our website for nearly two years. In fact, we’ve never missed posting at least one blog each week since we started. So, we wanted to take a look back at our 12 most popular blog posts to discover some of the topics and tips […]

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Can Webinars Boost Your Pool of Potential Customers?

Do you want your company to be known as a key thought-leader and expert in your industry? Are you willing to try some new methods to improve your lead generation efforts, to gain more qualified prospects? If your answer to both questions is yes (as it should be), webinars are a proven sales and marketing […]

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Isn’t that a Little Personal? Sales People Should Ask Customers the Difficult Questions

What do I know about you? What do you know about others? What do you know about clients, prospects, and your center of influence? Do you remember being in elementary school, or perhaps more recently observing your own elementary-aged children, and seeing the curiosity and uninhibited ability and desire to find out more about something […]

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ABR Publishes White Paper on Avoiding 12 Common Sales Pitfalls

Sales success is not achieved by accident, but rather by carefully planned strategies and the avoidance of common sales pitfalls, according to a new white paper authored by Amy Fox, President and CEO of Accelerated Business Results (ABR), a leading corporate training and custom e-learning firm. The white paper, “12 Sales Pitfalls & How Today’s Most Profitable Salespeople Avoid Them,” is available for download on the ABR website.

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Add Value and Leave Competitors Behind

Value. What does that mean to the buyer? One way value is defined in the dictionary is “the worth of something in terms of the amount and quality of other things for which it can be exchanged.” The value of your service or product is often measurable and easily demonstrated up front. However, the “perceived” value will many times only be experienced by your follow-up and your willingness to go the extra mile and add value.

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Achieving Sales Success

Amy Evans

What does achievement mean to you? In my career, the definition has morphed many times. Given today’s ever-changing and volatile business environment, it is important to regularly examine how we are defining achievement in sales and ensure that we are aligned to support our goals and our company’s goals.

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Don’t Let Up: Hard Work Pays Off in Sales

Sales can be brutal. Admit it—have you ever felt like you’ve just been trampled after a sales call? Or wished that you had just run a marathon (twice!) rather than conduct a grueling first appointment with that tough-nut-to-crack company? And sometimes even the most basic responsibilities in business development may seem way too time-consuming, tedious, or even trivial.

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Recovering from a Lost Sale

Have you ever invested so much of yourself in an opportunity only to feel totally deflated when you learned you didn’t get the business? If you’re in sales, I’m sure you’ve been there. How do you recover from these situations so that it doesn’t get in the way of securing future business? Those of us in sales recognize the importance of high activity and a robust funnel, and “on to the next” is a regular state of mind for many. However, it’s still important to take a moment to learn not only from our wins but also from our losses.

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ABR Seeking Inside Sales Specialist

Accelerated Business Results (ABR) is currently seeking an Inside Sales Specialist. This position is responsible for, first and foremost, setting business appointments for senior sales personnel; secondly, for generating new leads, cultivating existing leads, and creating new business opportunities for Accelerated Business Results (ABR).

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Generating New Business with LinkedIn

Last week we shared 17 tips to boost your sales performance and business results. As a follow-up to that blog post, we posted a poll on our Facebook page asking our fans to vote for the topics they wanted more information about. While it was a tight race, ultimately the most requested topic was identifying new contacts and opportunities using LinkedIn.

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Tried and True Sales Tips for Boosting Business Performance

This is a list of 17 ways to boost your sales performance and drive business results—this week! It’s only Tuesday, so you still have four days to impact your week. And the other good news is that it’s only the beginning of the month, so you should be able to accomplish (or at least start) everything on this list by month end! What a great accomplishment to achieve before the upcoming summer holiday. Can you do it? I’m thinking so…

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Work Smarter with the Institute for Social Media

ABR is partnering with the Institute for Social Media (ISM) at Cincinnati State to offer the upcoming Selling 2.0 Certification. The purpose of this program is to teach professionals how to work smarter by combining proven sales skills with the advantages of social media. For today’s blog, we have interviewed Jim Kleemeier, one Cincinnati State’s Workforce Development Center leaders, to find out more about the Selling 2.0 Certification course and what the ISM can offer.

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Using Social Media to Nurture Sales

I am amazed at how many sales leaders are still requesting their sales teams to pound out X number of cold calls per day. How’s that working for you? There is so much data at our fingertips and other much more effective methods. Let’s work smarter, not harder. Below I’ve listed nine quick tips on how to use effective sales techniques to warm relationships and stay top of mind with your current and potential customers.

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Car-Part: Consultative Sales Training Workshop

How ABR quickly and successfully created and delivered a comprehensive sales training program for employees at Car-Part that provided them with a systematic and robust consultative sales process.

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Thanks for the SPAM!

No, I’m not talking about the can of mystery meat. I’m talking about how sales people can really mess up an opportunity and not even realize it. I see bad sales pitches on a daily basis.

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The Three Most Compelling Questions for Sales

Video Blog: Good salespeople have figured out that the most effective way to build relationships with clients is through compelling questions. When done right, questions help you connect with customers and advance the sales process.

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Celebrating Customer Relationships: What’s Your Formula for Success?

February is a fantastic month, with so many things to celebrate…  Groundhog Day – If there’s no shadow! Keep your fingers crossed that spring is coming sooner rather than later; I think we’ve all had enough of these winter storms. The Super Bowl – If your favorite team is in this championship game, if the […]

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A Checklist for Success: Preparing for a Winning Sales Call

In today’s world, things seem so busy, time moves too quickly, and so many new things come up that you don’t expect. Then factor in the holidays, vacation schedules, an unplanned sick day, internal meetings and projects that pop up unexpectedly, etc. How is it already 2011? It seems like just yesterday we were planning and strategizing our sales efforts for the remainder of our year.

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Five Fresh Ideas as You Enter the New Year

Video Blog: Amy Fox shares five fresh ideas to help you strategize as you wrap up 2010 and prepare for the new year.

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The Criticality of a Thorough Needs Analysis

Amy Evans

This week as I spent time with many veteran sales professionals (with 15-30 years of sales experience) at a sales workshop, I was reminded of how important a thorough needs analysis is to a healthy and prosperous relationship; especially the criticality of understanding your customers’ personal needs, and not just with new relationships.

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Lessons Learned: Sales Tips for the One-Track Mind

Focus and determination are wonderful attributes to have in business, but sometimes they can also be limiting to a sales person’s success. I experienced this myself recently with a prospect. Have you ever been so focused on one specific aspect of the sale that you unknowingly lost sight of other important requirements for a successful close?

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Monitor Your Reputation (and Your Customers!)

Would you ever let your phone ring in your customer call center and not pick it up? This is what happens on a daily basis inside social media tools. I see where people are praising companies or complaining about a recent experience and no one is responding back to those comments.

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How to Sell High-Tech Solutions (Revisited)

Amy Fox

I wrote the article “How to Sell High-Tech Solutions” several years ago to help sales professionals understand how to more effectively sell their technology solutions to mainstream customers. Lots of folks responded and acknowledged how difficult it is to keep it simple and keep customers engaged. While customers usually have a genuine interest in and need for the companies they investigate, more often than not their sales experience ends up being a frustrating and confusing one.

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With the Good Comes the Bad, But Help Is in Sight

Last month I was in the market for new golf clubs. I was willing to buy, but I was not in a MUST HAVE mode. I also had just taken my kids to a driving range where they used my clubs and had a blast. I was pleasantly surprised when my 6- and 8-year-old could hit the ball WELL with my clubs. So we set out on a mission to buy new clubs for the kids and I knew that if I found something or someone SOLD me, I’d buy new ones for myself as well.

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Selling? Don’t Forget Your Network! (Part 2)

In Part 1 of my blog post on July 27, I gave you an assignment and I am SURE you complied, right?! As a reminder, you were to make a list of your circles of influence, then give everyone an A, B, or C designation based on the level of “know, like, trust” that you are on with each one. We all have a considerable network that we are often reluctant to reach out to as a business development strategy.

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Pre-Call Planning Using Social Media

Good pre-call planning will increase your close rate and shorten your sales cycle when you use the right tools to research contact, company, and industry information. The objectives of pre-call planning are to find information to more easily build rapport, uncover a pain or initiative of the prospect, identify the prospect’s competition, and understand the issues that the prospect is facing.

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Summer Sizzle, The Heat Is On: The Importance of Sales Planning in a New Month

The month is over, a new one is beginning—now what? If you’re in sales, you’ve most likely just come off a very busy week. I’ve always found July to be an incredibly busy month for business.

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Simplexity: Sales Performance Alignment

How ABR helped Simplexity develop a customer interaction strategy and provided recommendations for specific training interventions and performance opportunities.

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Selling? Don´t Forget Your Network!

Regardless of what you sell, there are undoubtedly people in your current network who need some of it, or at the very least, know someone who does.

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What´s Your Brand?

As a marketing consultant, I call on 100+ businesses per week. After most phone calls and visits, I can’t help but wonder, “What’s their brand?” By brand, I’m talking about what defines your business to consumers when they think of you, if they actually do think of you.

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Can Sales Afford to be Patient?

When you think of salespeople, does the vision of a patient person come to mind? Most likely not.

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Bright House Networks: Sales Success Center

How ABR developed an accessible, easy-to-use Sales Success Center for Bright House Networks.

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Five Requirements of Sales Success

Video Blog: Success in sales has never been harder. To thrive in today’s environment, employees must possess five critical skills.

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What´s Your Catch Phrase?

A couple weeks ago, I attended a training officers conference and a large part of the conference was networking. All of the registrants were tasked with coming up with a catch phrase–a two-sentence elevator pitch, Twitter-style. How would I encapsulate everything ABR does into one short, memorable phrase? Feeling the pressure, I finally came up […]

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Listen, Learn, Engage

Amy Fox

It’s an exciting time at Accelerated Business Results (ABR) because we have decided to launch our blog! We’ve been providing quality training and social media solutions to our clients for several years, but we recently evaluated our website and communication efforts and realized that we weren’t engaging with you enough. So, our goal with this […]

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