10 Reasons to Reassess Your Love for Technology on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here, and what better way to celebrate this day than to examine the love you feel for your favorite technologies, like smartphones, social networks, iPads, and laptops, for the sake of redirecting some of that love toward your human relationships? If any of these violations sound familiar to you, it may be […]

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Top Ten Ways That TweetDeck Takes the Phobias and Frustrations Out of Twitter

In this video blog, Accelerated Business Results Social Media Specialist Jason Martin discusses Twitter and TweetDeck and demonstrates the advantages of using TweetDeck to manage your Twitter account.

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10 Content Ideas to Tap When Your Social Media Sources Are Tapped Out

Social media practitioners report that a real-time burden in social media is the act of sourcing content to post on their social networking profiles. We all get to a point in our social media lives where we hit a wall, where we’re out of breath. Despite having a content marketing plan, the ideas for new and fresh content have gone stale. This is the point where social media managers often lapse in the frequency and quality of their social content publishing.

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Social Media Mythbusters

Can you believe that it’s 2011 and we still have to debunk social media myths? Many of us have fallen in love with social media, both personally and professionally, but some people are still reluctant to fully embrace this relatively new form of communication. This post addresses some of the common myths still floating around about social media.

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A Checklist for Success: Preparing for a Winning Sales Call

In today’s world, things seem so busy, time moves too quickly, and so many new things come up that you don’t expect. Then factor in the holidays, vacation schedules, an unplanned sick day, internal meetings and projects that pop up unexpectedly, etc. How is it already 2011? It seems like just yesterday we were planning and strategizing our sales efforts for the remainder of our year.

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How to Find Top-Notch Employees

It’s no secret that strong recruiting is essential when it comes to identifying and attracting high-quality job candidates. But in today’s world, what is the best way to recruit and what kinds of resources are available that will give you top results?

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Lessons Learned: Sales Tips for the One-Track Mind

Focus and determination are wonderful attributes to have in business, but sometimes they can also be limiting to a sales person’s success. I experienced this myself recently with a prospect. Have you ever been so focused on one specific aspect of the sale that you unknowingly lost sight of other important requirements for a successful close?

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Can Sales Afford to be Patient?

When you think of salespeople, does the vision of a patient person come to mind? Most likely not.

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Getting Started with a Company Twitter Account

Twitter is a great tool for companies that want to engage in conversation with their current and potential customers. Below are some key tips for making the most of your Twitter connection: Use a tool like HootSuite or TweetDeck to help manage your company Twitter account more effectively. One advantage of these is that you […]

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What´s Your Catch Phrase?

A couple weeks ago, I attended a training officers conference and a large part of the conference was networking. All of the registrants were tasked with coming up with a catch phrase–a two-sentence elevator pitch, Twitter-style. How would I encapsulate everything ABR does into one short, memorable phrase? Feeling the pressure, I finally came up […]

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Online Classes Teaching Social Networking Skills Now Available

CINCINNATI, Ohio (April 17, 2009) – Everyone’s tweeting. Most professionals are linking to each other. Facebook’s just as important now as a website. But how do busy business owners and sales professionals make sense of what will make a difference to their bottom line? Enter:, a new Internet-based training program from Accelerated Business Results […]

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