Sonic Automotive: Fixed Operations Leadership Academy

Sonic’s Need Sonic Automotive is one of the largest automotive retailers in the United States, operating more than 100 dealerships in 14 states and 25 major metropolitan markets. One of Sonic’s critical goals in 2014 was retention of their service and parts (Fixed Operations) leaders. Service and parts managers are tasked with running the daily […]

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Virtual Training: Conducting a Successful and Seamless Session

Elise Margol

In today’s marketplace, virtual learning is in strong demand due to factors such as decreased learning dollars, increased need for learning anytime anywhere, and increased scheduling complexity. Training in the virtual world has quickly become a reality. While many see the value, few find success because designing for this modality requires different considerations. Below are […]

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Warehouse Specialists, Inc: Business Writing Skills Training Solution

WSI’s Need Warehouse Specialists, Inc. (WSI), one of the country’s largest privately held logistics companies, delivers reliable, integrated logistics and supply chain optimization to a wide range of customers and commodities. To train its facilities managers and employees, WSI has used a combination of online courses and informal PowerPoint training by managers and company leadership […]

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Can Webinars Boost Your Pool of Potential Customers?

Do you want your company to be known as a key thought-leader and expert in your industry? Are you willing to try some new methods to improve your lead generation efforts, to gain more qualified prospects? If your answer to both questions is yes (as it should be), webinars are a proven sales and marketing […]

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