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Microlearning Is Here and We’re Ready. Are You?

Amy Fox

Our world is very different than it was just a generation ago. The Information Age has brought about significant changes to our personal and professional lives in how we interact with and share information. One of the many effects of this shift is that our attention spans are shrinking, which is pushing companies to up their game in order to truly […]

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Strategies for Training Beyond the Transactional

Think about the types of training events common in many organizations: they focus on a specific team or unit of employees, and sometimes might only address the needs of a few individuals. These transactional, tactical solutions are necessary but may not address a larger training need: workplace performance. Workplace performance is the outcome of collective […]

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Everyone Needs a Little Support

Elise Margol

Let’s face it: Adopting new knowledge and skills on the job can be quite challenging, especially when employees are continually asked to upskill to meet the demands of the changing workplace. Training is typically made available; but too often what is lacking is the structured support to allow employees to effectively transfer what they learned […]

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