What We Do

ABR is a full-service, award-winning training company, specializing in business performance, management and leadership development, and product knowledge solutions. We create relevant, customized solutions that drive success and create a recognizable impact for your business.

Our Approach

ABR’s instructional design philosophy is to create experiences for learners to connect with the content in the curriculum and then provide opportunities to apply what they’ve learned to their realities both during and after the training experience. Our approach for learning solutions includes a balance of both science and art. For example, we use the tried-and-true ADDIE process to ensure high-quality learning solutions, but we feel that it is crucial to balance this academic approach with the realities of our clients. This means ensuring that learners are engaged with the content, appealing to different styles, and making sure that the content is practical and that learners are applying it.
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Custom Training Solutions

Accelerated Business Results designs, develops, and delivers a unique blend of learning solutions, workshops, and sales tools that use the highest design standards and innovative methodologies.

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Course Catalog

ABR offers high-quality off-the-shelf training courses for selected topics that are important in today’s economy. These face-to-face instructor-led training classes range from business and sales-related guidance to understanding how to harness the power of social media.
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