Custom Video Animation

videoVideo animation is a tool that ABR uses to present complex ideas simply and succinctly. Video is simple and convenient for customers and employees, and it allows visuals, spoken text, and written text to be combined for maximum impact in minimum time for the viewer.

ABR works with clients to define their message, and we brainstorm ideas to present it creatively. We draft scripts to clarify the message into words, and storyboards to visualize the style of the animation presentation. Then we produce custom audio narration, and combine it with music and custom animation. We deliver videos in HD formats, for playback on projectors and video monitors, or for uploading to a video service like YouTube.

ABR has produced video animations for a wide range of customer needs, including the following:

  • Advertising for customer-facing initiatives
  • Tutorials and training
  • Internal messaging
  • Keynote presentations


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Let our creative team wow you! Contact us to discuss innovative ways we can use video to create awareness for your training initiatives.

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