SharePoint Development

sharepointABR’s SharePoint services help you present a well-designed experience to your users. We will assist you with building a site focused on your goals and your users’ needs, and we’ll help you use SharePoint to power the technology without dictating the design. Our offerings ensure that you’ll get the most out of your SharePoint deployment without the need for deep programming or direct access to your servers.

Our SharePoint consulting includes the following services:

  • Content Audit: This is a review of your existing content, within your current SharePoint deployment and possibly in other sources (such as other intranet sites, if they exist). This can also include documenting proposed ideas for new content.
  • Research: We will help you articulate your goals for the site. We will also help you craft questions for a user survey to determine your users’ preferences and needs.
  • Planning: Based on research, we will present a written plan, a proposed sitemap, and a rough layout (wireframes) documenting and explaining our recommended plan for your site.
  • Graphic Design: Our team of designers, who are experienced in SharePoint’s strengths and limitations, will create a unique look and feel for your SharePoint site. It is possible to transform the site into something that looks completely different from the out-of-the-box site.
  • Implementation: Using tools that do not require direct access to the server (just a browser and MS SharePoint Designer), we will implement the custom design, insert the content, and reorganize it within your site.
  • Training: Rather than providing generalized training on the SharePoint platform, we will train members of your team to perform the specific maintenance tasks that your site will require on a regular basis.

Areas where we do not specialize include:

  • SharePoint installation, upgrades, server maintenance, and consulting
  • Business intelligence (connecting to outside data sources)
  • Custom web parts

We want to hear from you! Contact us to explore ways your company can enhance how they are using SharePoint.

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