Work with ABR

ABR is always looking for talented instructional designers to join our team! If you have solid, proven experience in instructional design, pursue excellence in your work, and have a gung ho attitude, then we want to hear from you.

Below you can learn more about what makes ABR a great company to work with and find out about our instructional design approach. And if you are interested and qualified, please click here. 

What We Offer

ABR is a full-service training provider that has been helping clients build happier employees and organizations for 15 years. Our team consists of several highly skilled instructional designers, content developers, graphic designers, programmers, project managers, and facilitators, all of whom help to craft exceptional training. Our versatility is one of our strongest attributes, and we seek out strong instructional designers with knowledge and experience in a range of areas, such as sales, leadership, onboarding, systems and processes, product, and customer experience, to name a few.

If you work with ABR, you’ll interact with people who are collaborative, dedicated, and professional—but who also like to have fun! It’s a flexible environment with competitive pay that allows you to work remotely from wherever you have phone and internet accessibility.

ABR’s Instructional Design Approach

Our instructional design approach is one of our core capabilities. It is at the heart of everything we do—it’s what enables us to create meaningful learning programs that give people the skills they need to excel in their jobs.


Much like the roots of a tree, our instructional design approach is the foundation for every single project we engage in. When we think about what enables our learning programs to grow and prosper, we embrace three fundamental principles:

1. We take an artful approach when designing the learner experience

ABR applies creative treatments to the content for maximum engagement, using techniques such as storytelling, discovery, and active learning. It is in our DNA to massage the information in a way that makes it interesting. Simply presenting content is not who we are.

2. We invest in the learner perspective to see things from their point of view

At ABR we are results oriented—we are deeply focused on the key knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to achieve the desired result. We spend our time being professionally nosey to gain the perspective our learners have.

3. We are all about making learning practical & relevant

All of our deliverables must pass the “get it factor.” This means that we strive for a tight connection between the theory and how it works in the real world. ABR solutions place a high value on practicing concepts in a real world environment.