Getting Started: How to Apply

Are you interested in being an instructional designer for ABR? To apply, we’ll ask you to supply a few items:

  1. A completed Instructional Designer sample assignment (details below).
  2. An updated resume.
  3. Answers to a few interview questions and your contact information.

Instructional Designer Sample Assignment

Your first step in applying is to complete the Instructional Designer sample assignment. We appreciate your willingness to complete this assignment for us! We take pride in ensuring we place you on a project team that aligns well with your skill set. And the better we understand your skill set, the better equipped we are at this placement!

Here are the rules:

  1. Please create a short, meaningful learning experience using the sample content provided here:

    Sample Content

  2. Select the modality that you feel is best suited to this content. For example, if you select an ILT, simply create Leader Slides and include the facilitator notes in the notes section of the slide. If you select an eLearning, create a few pages of a storyboard.
  3. Keep the ABR Instructional Design approach in mind!
  4. Prepare your final file in either MS Word or MS PowerPoint format.

Send Your Application

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